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Great travel destinations

We have started this site to compile the travels and thoughts of Matt & Faith as they begin their long journey becoming experts in world travel.

We welcome you to check back often as we update the site with Matt & Faith's latest travels and their thoughts on which are their favorite destinations and what are the best activities to do there.

Their current travels include multiple visits to Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida, Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse, Yellowstone Park, and The Badlands.  The have spent time in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida, Indiana, Winsconsin, Illinois, Minnesota, Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado, Wyoming, South Dakota, Michigan, West Virginia, and Iowa.  Their upcoming trip is to the Bahamas and will be their first trip outside the United States. 

We are anxious to hear your thoughts and will look forward to getting them at Dad@pandervacations.com

Matthew tells us that the most favorite place he has ever been is home.  He says home is great.  This insight from a five year old is something we should all keep in mind.  Matt's second favorite place is Florida.  He says he likes Walt Disney World but even without it Florida is his favorite place.

Faith has informed us that her favorite place is home too.  I'm sure in a few short years our 2 year old will not be so willing to agree with her brother on everything.  Faith says her second favorite place is her room.  However, she has been talking a lot lately about how much she is looking forward to going to the beach on our next trip.  She also is asking on a regular basis to see the pictures from our last cruise and she is very excited to be on a cruise ship for the first time.

I like to be known the most as Dad.  After my family the thing I enjoy the most is traveling.  My family shares this love and there is nothing better than seeing the countrside together with your family.  I have created this website in hopes that someday when our children are much older if they like they can make a living doing what they enjoy the most.  I will be asking them to document their experiences traveling and I'm sure their extense knowledge of traveling along with their long practiced documentation of their trips will provide them with the skills they need to earn a living while doing what they enjoy the most.  If they choose to go in another direction I will still have the best memories a father could ever hope for.  I have promised my children that they will have visited all of the 50 states before they graduate from high-school.  I am also hopeful that they will have visited a number of foreign countries by this time as well. 

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Mom has decided not to write here yet.  Mom makes sure all of our trips are a success and she is the reason that home is the favorite place of Matt and Faith.  Mom and I have been very fortunate and have done more than our share of traveling.  We have shared our adventures with the children and that is what has helped deepen their passion for traveling.  Of course we have been all of the same places as our children.  We also have shared tales and pictures of our experiences in Niagara Falls and Windsor Canada.  We also have shared with them stories of our travels to Hawaii, Las Vegas, Atlantic City, The Cayman Islands, Jamaica, Haiti, Cozumel Mexico, Aruba, Curacao, St. Martin, St. Thomas, and Puerto Rico.  Highlights we like to remember from our travels without the children include The Hoover Dam, The Grand Canyon, climbing Dunn's River Falls in Jamaica, snorkeling at Hanauma Bay, bicycling down Mt. Haleakala, the smell of chocolate in Hershey Pennsylvania, and the Memorial's at Pearl Harbor.  These are all things that everyone must do if they have the opportunity.

This website is dedicated to my parents who have shown through the years that there is nothing in life more valuable than the time you spend with your children.  My Mom will never understand just how very much she is loved by her son. 

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